Happy Birthday Harry!


Image Credit: whatanerdgirlsays.com


I realize this is a day late but I wanted to take the time today to wish Harry Potter (and JK Rowling) a very Happy Birthday! Like most of my generation, Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood and adolescence and still remains one of my favorite works of literature. This book series taught me about friendship and bravery and gave me a magical world to escape into when middle school was extra difficult. Hermione Granger was the first character I remember feeling was a reflection of me. As a nerdy bookworm with an unfortunate mass of brown curls that refused to untangle, I remember feeling like I basically was Hermione. But as I got older, I also found I could relate to almost every character in the series. I found pieces of myself in all of them and went on daring and terrifying adventures, learned magic spells, and shopped at Diagon Alley. I hated Umbridge as much as Harry did, desperately wished I could fly on a broomstick and was convinced my letter to Hogwarts would come some day. While I never did receive an actual letter telling me I was a witch, I did get to go to Hogwarts with the best of them, all thanks to JK Rowling. So once again, happy birthday Harry. And happy birthday JK Rowling. Thank you for the magic.



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